10 Reasons Why The Guitar Is The Best Instrument (Explained)

The guitar is among the most widely played instruments in the world. This instrument is found all over the world, and millions of people learn to play it. The success of the guitar is due to how good this instrument is and what it teaches musicians. The guitar is the best of all instruments to play, and here we will explore the reasons why.

If you are considering learning the guitar, whether you are a beginner or if you are already accomplished on another instrument, you may wonder if the guitar is worthwhile learning. The truth is that there is almost no other instrument that can do what the guitar can, and learning it is an asset for every musician. Let’s explore the reasons why the guitar is as good as it is.

1. The Guitar Is Versatile

The very first reason on this list why the guitar is the best instrument is its versatility. The guitar is versatile in every sense of the world.

The guitar is a string instrument that has a wide range of note pitches available to it. Standard, six-string guitars have a note range of around four octaves, which I significantly more than other instruments, especially stringed instruments.

The wide musical range of the guitar does not stop with the note range available to the instrument. The musical range of the guitar is magnified by the wide range of techniques that are possible on the instrument.

The guitar can be used for melodies, rhythms, a combination of melodies and rhythms simultaneously, and an entire host of advanced and specialized techniques that make the guitar the most versatile-sounding instrument out there.

The guitar can play in every key, the tuning of the instrument can be altered very easily, and manipulating the strings of the instrument by bending them provides even more notes and a wider note range than the notes found naturally on the instrument.

All of this versatility is without mentioning the sonic possibilities of electric guitars. By using amplifiers, effects pedals, effects units, and modelers, the sound of the guitar can be altered to sound completely different.

There is an almost infinite range of sounds and effects available to electric guitars, which further solidifies this instrument’s title as the most versatile string instrument available.

The versatility of the guitar allows guitar players to explore and experience any musical and sonic space that they can imagine. All musical styles and genres are easily accessible to the guitar, as it is not limited to one sound. This means that the versatility of the guitar has become a vehicle for creativity and musical expression like no other.

2. The Guitar Opens Doors to other Instruments

Another excellent reason why the guitar is the best instrument that you should know is that it encourages and enables musicians to branch out onto other instruments.

There are very few instruments in the world that provide a musician with transferable techniques that can be used on other instruments and opens the door to learning other instruments easily as the guitar does.

Learning to play the guitar provides an arsenal of techniques and playing methods that are easily transferable to other instruments such as the ukulele, the electric bass, the mandolin, the banjo, the lap steel, the guitarlele, and even lesser-known instruments such as the Arabic oud and the Japanese koto.

The reason why the guitar encourages musicians to learn other instruments is that many of the techniques used on the guitar are a good starting point for learning the techniques used on other stringed instruments.

The guitar flings open the door to learning other instruments in a way that no other instrument does, encouraging musicality and teaching musicians that they have the ability to branch out with their music and ability.

3. The Guitar Trains all Areas of Musicality

The nature of the guitar makes it a difficult instrument to master. The challenge of learning to play the guitar well and exploring every aspect of the instrument enhances and trains all areas of musicality within a musician.

Rhythm, timing, chord knowledge and execution, melodic understanding and ability, musicianship, coordination, focus, ear training, rhythmic recall, melodic recall, music reading, and many other aspects of musicality are all trained with every step of guitar practice.

The guitar is so versatile and so wide-reaching that it teaches guitar players almost every important fundamental of music and playing music well. The guitar is among the very best instruments for teaching these skills and concepts to beginner musicians, and learning the guitar will take the musicality of an experienced musician to another level.

4. The Guitar Is Accessible

Among the reasons why the guitar is such a great instrument is because it is so accessible. There is a wide range of guitars and guitar types available for purchase, all at various price points, sizes, quality, and build, and with different shapes and designs.

This means that the guitar is an instrument that anyone can learn to play. The guitar is available for very low prices, especially on the secondhand market, which means that even people with very small budgets can acquire a guitar and begin to play.

The guitar is available in several sizes and shapes, meaning that people of every age and size can find a guitar that suits them comfortably. Even very small children can access a guitar that is size-appropriate for them.

Learning to play the guitar is also accessible to everyone, as the beginning stages of learning the instrument are very simple. With the right teacher or the right instruction, anyone can learn the basics of playing the guitar, and these basics can be learned very quickly with the right level of dedication as well.

This means that regardless of your budget, your age, your stature, your musical talent, or even how much time you have available, everyone can learn to play the guitar at some level very easily.

5. The Guitar Is Easy to Practice

As we have already mentioned, the guitar is simple to learn in the beginning. This means that anyone can pick up a guitar and begin to learn the basics of the instruments very easily, without much hindrance.

However, the guitar is also easy to practice this means that the instrument is easy to pick up and practice without much resistance. This is important for progressing on any instrument, as without practice, it is impossible to learn an instrument.

Other instruments offer much resistance to practicing. The piano is very loud, and pianists may only be able to practice when no one else will be disturbed by the instrument. The same is true for drums and other stringed instruments such as the violin or the cello.

Other instruments require the learning of specific sheet music or the use of specialized equipment such as bows or drumsticks to master before any real practicing can be done.

The guitar offers no such resistance and makes practicing very easy. The guitar is not so loud that it will disturb other residents of your house or building, nor will it disturb neighbors. The guitar does not require specialized tools to play, and learning the most basic form of guitar sheet music is shockingly simple.

The guitar can also be practiced anywhere due to its portability, and all of this means that the guitar is among the easiest instruments to practice, providing students of this instrument with the much-needed gratification that comes with learning something successfully.

Learning to play the guitar happens far quicker than other instruments due to this reality, and it makes the guitar much for fun to play as well.

6. The Guitar Is Portable

Let’s explore the portability of the guitar a little further, as this is one of the reasons why this instrument is among the best to learn.

The guitar is highly portable. Regardless of what type of guitar you play or what size guitar you play, it is very easy to take a guitar anywhere.

With the use of guitar bags and hard cases, transporting a guitar is simple and easy, and these instruments are light enough and small enough to be carried anywhere without trouble.

This means that taking your guitar with you on a trip to play around the campfire, or to a friend’s place for a jam, or simply finding a quiet spot to practice is far easier than with most other instruments.

A guitar can be taken with you anywhere, and with the right case, it can even be taken along for air travel.

The portability of the instrument makes it easy to practice anywhere and easy to play everywhere, making it one of the best social instruments and one of the best instruments to use in bands and other musical ensembles as well.

7. The Guitar Is Great Fun

This is one of the reasons that is often left off of guitar lists, but the guitar is among the most fun instruments to play.

The versatility of the instrument, the popularity of the instrument, the portability of the instrument, and the ease of playing the instrument make the guitar one of the most fun instruments of all.

The various sounds that can be generated with a guitar and the interesting playing methods and techniques mean that the guitar never becomes boring, and there is always something new to learn.

If you are a person who seeks challenge, then you will enjoy every second of playing the guitar, as it presents a new challenge every day.

While the instrument can provide a musician with a challenge, the guitar is also capable of being simple and easy to play as well. This provides a tired musician with something fun to do that is not too challenging but still highly enjoyable.

The guitar covers every layer of musical fun possible and provides immense enjoyment for players of all skill levels and ages.

8. The Guitar Is a Popular Instrument

Another reason the guitar is such a good instrument to learn is that it is such a popular instrument everywhere in the world.

The popularity of the instrument means that there will always be a reason to play the guitar, and there will always be a place to play the guitar.

The guitar is among the most sought-after instruments anywhere, and no band or modern musical ensemble is complete without a guitarist.

The fact that the guitar is so widely sought-after means that guitar players will always have a gig; they will never be without a band, and they will always have a reason to practice and improve their abilities.

However, the popularity of the instrument does mean that there is significantly more competition in the guitar world than any other instrument, but this only pushes guitarists to become better.

The best guitarists are the busiest guitarists, so those who want to work in the industry must learn to play very well, which raises the standards of guitarists overall, making the music industry better as a whole.

9. The Guitar Is a Good Solo Instrument

Among the many reasons that the guitar is the best instrument to learn is that it makes an excellent solo instrument.

The guitar is among the only instruments that can be played solo or used as an accompaniment for a vocal performance without the requirement of other instruments to provide musical context.

The guitar can sound just as good in a band or musical ensemble as it can on its own, and it provides the perfect instrument for vocalists who want to do solo performances as well.

There is no other instrument that can perform melodies and chords simultaneously in the same way that the guitar can, other than the piano perhaps, but the guitar makes this aspect of performing far more accessible than any other instrument does.

10. Guitar Sheet Music Is Very Accessible

The final reason on this list why the guitar is among the best instruments to know how to play is the fact that there is so much sheet music available for the guitar.

The guitar uses multiple styles of sheet music, so there is a type of guitar chart that is accessible for all levels of musician, but the sheer amount of sheet music available for guitar is unparalleled among other instruments.

There is a guitar chart for every song imaginable, which means that guitar players can learn any song that they could ever dream of very easily and very quickly. No other instrument provides this level of repertoire possibilities.

This simple fact makes it possible for guitarists to learn any song they would like to, but it also means that they can learn vast volumes of music far more quickly than other musicians, which is very useful for working musicians.


The guitar is the best instrument to learn because it is so versatile, and it offers more musical learning in less time than any other instrument out there. The guitar is among the very best instruments and the most popular instruments in the world for a good reason.