Is Guitar Fun to Play? (How to Have Fun Playing Guitar?)

The guitar is among the very best instruments to learn to play, and one of the reasons why is because it can be so much fun! If the guitar is an instrument that you want to learn, or if you are already learning the guitar, it is important to learn to have fun with the instrument as you go. Having is important to motivate practicing, which makes for a better guitarist!

The guitar is definitely fun to play. To have more fun playing guitar, try learning songs that inspire you, learn techniques that excite you, buy new gear, write a song, improvise, play music with friends, join a band, go busking, or improve your guitar playing skill overall.

If you are already a guitarist and you want to have more fun with the instrument, or if you are thinking of learning the guitar and are wondering how fun it is to play, you have come to the right place. The guitar can be great fun to play, but there are ways of drawing the most fun out of it possible. Let’s explore how fun this instrument is to play and how to have more fun on the guitar than you already are.

Is the Guitar Fun to Play?

If you are considering learning the guitar, you may be wondering how fun this instrument is to play. Everyone has heard stories of guitar players and guitar students giving up because they find the instrument difficult, or they may have stopped playing because they were not enjoying it.

The truth is that playing the guitar can be great fun, but it must be done in the right way.

As with learning any instrument, learning to play the guitar is challenging. Nothing that is worth doing is easy to do, but everything musical that can be fun requires effort and training.

However, that is the fun part of playing the guitar! Embracing the challenge that is learning this instrument allows for very quick improvement, which will soon have you playing all of the songs that inspired you to pick up the instrument in the first place.

It takes time to practice the guitar, but after a few weeks of effort, the instrument will begin to open to you, and you will quickly find the things that make playing the guitar fun for you.

Every guitar player is different, and everyone enjoys different aspects of the instrument. Some have the most fun while strumming chords and singing songs, while others get the most enjoyment from fast, intense solos. Some guitarists simply enjoy the feel of the instrument in their hands, and others want to explore every area of the instrument and push the limits of what it can do.

That is the beauty of the guitar. It has something for everyone; it is incredibly versatile, and playing it can be wonderfully enjoyable.

What Makes the Guitar Fun to Play?

Learning to play the guitar can be great fun, but it can also be difficult, and it can be difficult to find the fun when you are practicing hard. For this reason, it is important to examine what makes the guitar fun for you and to identify the fun aspects of the instruments as you go along.

Playing the guitar is full of ups and downs. Some days will feel very productive as if you got a lot done and progressed significantly, and other days will feel very unproductive and slow. This is normal but finding the fun in the instrument along the way is one of the keys to playing the guitar with longevity.

There are several aspects of the guitar that can be fun for everyone, and there are a few that are only fun for select groups of guitarists.

The most fun aspects of the guitar are playing songs that inspire you, writing new music, exploring sonic spaces with creativity, and making music with other musicians.

Some more niche aspects of the guitar that are fun for some guitar players include performing maintenance on the instrument, learning how the instrument works, and modifying the instrument.

Some guitarists enjoy the instrument and find fun in it by experimenting with different sounds, effects, and capabilities of the instrument. Guitar gear can be fun as well, and playing with a new pedal can spark creativity and enjoyment in many ways.

Overall, the guitar can be challenging to learn, but once you get to the place where the instrument is no longer a struggle for you, it becomes incredibly fun to play. When you can hear a song and learn it very quickly, or if you can imagine a piece of music in your mind and bring it to life through your instrument, then playing the guitar becomes one of the most fun activities anyone can do.

Is Playing Guitar Always Fun?

While playing the guitar can be immense fun, the truth of playing any instrument is that it can be difficult at times. These moments are not fun but overcoming them is part of the process.

Every guitarist must learn that playing the guitar is not fun all of the time. There are aspects of the instrument that are always enjoyable, but the process of learning the skill of playing the instrument can sometimes be frustrating.

Learning to overcome these moments, practice through them, and become a better guitarist for it is part of the joy that is guitar, and every guitar player can rest in the knowledge that on the other side of every challenging day is improved skill, better musicality, more patience, and new ways of having fun with the instrument.

How to Have Fun Playing the Guitar

We have established that the guitar can be great fun to play and that there are also difficult moments, but if you have been playing the guitar for a while and are struggling to find the fun in it, there are ways to bring that enjoyment back by changing your perspective or branching out as a guitarist.

The guitar is only as much fun as you make it, and it is important to explore every avenue of guitar playing to find the areas that you find the most enjoyment. Playing the guitar is a rich activity that is full of multiple layers and facets.

Take the time to try these methods of finding fun in the instrument until you discover the enjoyment that comes from the guitar for yourself.

Learn Your Favorite Songs

Playing the guitar is fun but learning to play your favorite songs and the songs that inspire you the most is among the most fun anyone can have with a guitar or any instrument for that matter.

If you enjoy music and you hear a great guitar song that inspires you to play, take the time to learn that song, regardless of how difficult it is. Learning difficult songs that you enjoy playing is one of the best ways to progress as a guitarist and one of the best ways to find fun in the instrument.

Even learning a riff, lick, or solo from a great guitar song can inspire you to enjoy the guitar. After all, playing the guitar is about music, and if you enjoy the music that you are playing, you are sure to enjoy the instrument that you are playing it with.

Learn to Use Techniques that Excite You

In the same way that learning to play your favorite songs can be fun, learning to play the techniques that excite you is another way to enjoy the guitar.

If you see or hear another guitarist using a technique that catches your attention or makes you want to play what they play, then do it! That feeling is inspiration, and taking the time to learn that technique is sure to create some fun.

Learning sweet picking, how to create the heaviest palm muting possible, or even just learning to play faster can be great fun on the guitar, and learning the techniques that inspire you will lead you to play songs that use those techniques, leading to even more enjoyment!

Buy some New Guitar Gear

One of the greatest aspects of the guitar is guitar gear. There is a myriad of guitar gear available on the market right now for every type of guitar and every type of guitar player.

If you are having trouble finding the fun in your playing, go out and buy some new and exciting piece of gear that leads you to explore new areas of your instrument.

Buying a new pedal to use, changing your strings to something you have never used before, or even just experimenting with different plectrums can make guitar playing fun.

Write a Song or Improvise

If you find yourself in a musical or guitar-playing rut, or if you just cannot find the fun in the guitar on a given day, then maybe it is time to write something new or simply sit and improvise for a while.

Writing a new piece of music or a new song is a fantastic way to find joy in the guitar again, as this process will encourage you to explore the guitar in ways that you may not have before.

Coming up with something new forces you to think outside of your boxes to do something interesting, and you may stumble into your new favorite aspect of the guitar along the way.

If writing music is not your thing, then put on a backtrack in your favorite genre to play, and have an improvisation session. Improvising can also lead to new areas of the guitar that may have been previously unknown to you, and this practice is an excellent way to have fun while playing.

Improvise a solo or a riff, add melodic lines to a track, or just noodle, and you may find yourself having much more fun than ever on your instrument.

Play Music with Friends

Another great way to spark fun on a guitar is to play music with other people. Suppose you have friends who are musicians; set up a jam session. Regardless of how well you can play, jamming with other musicians is the best way to improve your playing skill, and it is a great way to have fun as well.

Learning to play with other musicians opens up musical avenues that you never knew before, and it creates a space for you to experience new techniques, methods, and sounds on your instrument.

Start a Band

If you do not know anyone who plays an instrument, then start your own band. The band does not have to be something serious, but it can be a simple weekend band that learns covers.

Getting together with a group of musicians is an excellent way to have fun with your instrument and push your own limits as a musician as well. Taking the time to learn what others know and teaching others a few of your own tricks can breathe life back into your guitar playing like nothing else can.

The comradery that comes along with playing in a band is one of the greatest feelings that any musician can experience, and it makes playing your instrument fantastic fun again.

Go Busking

Another great avenue for guitar fun is to go busking. Use backing tracks or learn to sing some song while playing and hit the streets or your local watering holes to play for a public audience.

Taking your guitar to the streets or playing a small gig can be exhilarating and show you how much playing guitar can really be.

Have fun learning to perform the songs well, and then go out to show the world what you can do! This is good fun, and it proves to yourself that all the time and effort spent practicing and learning to play well was not for nothing after all.

Practice as Much as You Can

The last item on this list of how to make guitar playing fun may seem somewhat counterintuitive, but the truth here is that the more you practice, the more fun you will have playing guitar.

Playing an instrument such as guitar only feels frustrating when you ask your hands to do something that they are unable to do or if you hear something that you cannot play and you lack the ability to learn it.

Guitar playing is incredibly fun when you can do anything that you set out to do and when you can learn to play anything that you attempt.

Frustration comes due to a lack of ability, which means that practicing hard and getting good at the guitar is the only way to beat frustration and have as much fun on the instrument as possible.


Playing the guitar is one of the most fun activities that anyone can do, but the trick is to find the fun in the instrument. The guitar is a challenging instrument to play, so it is important to find the aspects of it that you find fun and enjoy them as much as you can.

Taking the time to discover why you enjoy the instrument is the best way to have fun with it. Explore every guitar avenue that you can, find what you enjoy, and you will always have fun with your instrument!