Can I Learn Guitar In a Month?

When considering learning to play guitar, many people ask themselves how fast they can learn the instrument. Perhaps you have an upcoming event and are wondering if you could learn to play the guitar within a month.

It is not possible to learn guitar in a month. In one month, you can learn some basic guitar chords and basic strumming patterns or plucking techniques, but it will usually not be enough to play a song.

Let’s dive deep into what you can learn in a month and how long it will actually take you to learn to play guitar.

Why It’s Not Possible To Learn Guitar In A Month

Let’s assume you’ve just started to learn to play the guitar. You are very excited and motivated, and you would like to learn the instrument as fast as possible. You might be asking yourself: can I learn guitar in one month?

You start to practice basic chords and strumming patterns. But what you will quickly notice is that there is a limit to how long you can practice playing guitar per day.

What every beginner guitarist notices very quickly is that after a little bit of practice, their fingers start to hurt. And you will quickly notice calluses on your fingers.

Therefore even if you would like to practice for many hours per day, you might not be able to do so because you will experience pain, and you need to give your fingers some time to rest.

You can start by learning 3 popular guitar chords, such as G, C, and D. But the problem for beginners, after they learn those chords, is to change chords. It takes a while to learn the muscle memory needed to change chords fast.

What You Can Learn In One Month

In one month, most of the people learning to play guitar can learn a couple of basic chords like G, C, and D. They can also learn a basic strumming pattern. And they can change between those chords, but usually not fast enough to play a song.

Everyone probably defines learning to play guitar as something else. For one person, it could be just playing a couple of chords. For another, playing guitar like a professional.

One of the elements of playing guitar that certainly would be difficult to learn in a month is barre chords. Those chords require a player to press multiple strings across a single fret using one finger. This requires more training, and it will usually take much longer than one month.

It is also rather impossible to learn multiple strumming patterns in one month. Different songs require different strumming patterns. Strumming patterns are movements of the right hand (if you are right-handed).

It can take a while for the brain to remember how to move this hand. And how to synchronize both left and right hands to move at exactly the right moment.

How Long It Will Actually Take To Learn Guitar

Learning to play guitar will take each person a different amount of time. But to give you a rough guideline, here is how long it will take to learn:

  • Beginner: 1 – 3 months
  • Intermediate: 1 year
  • Advanced: 5 years
  • Expert: 10 years

You can find the exact explanation of how long it takes to learn guitar in this article.

How To Learn Guitar Faster

If you want to learn guitar faster, here are some rules that you should follow

1. Train Regularly

As with learning any skill, regular guitar practice is essential to learn as quickly as possible. It is better to practice every day for 30 minutes than to practice one day per week for 3.5 hours. Decades of research have confirmed that.

Try to find time each day when you can practice playing the guitar. You can put an alarm on your phone each day or maybe put a reminder in your calendar.

2. Follow Some Method That Works

Instead of randomly watching YouTube videos and trying to learn something new each time, try to focus on following some method that works. Find out what you want to learn and later spend some time researching what will be the fastest way to learn it.

Check out reviews of the course or tutorial you want to follow. And later stick to it. You will learn guitar much faster just by sticking to the working strategies rather than trying to change them every week. And be patient. It may take some time to learn some techniques or chords. But you will get there.

3. Start Practicing Slow

A very good strategy when learning any musical instrument is to try to play a song slowly at first. That way, you change chords fast enough to follow the song’s rhythm.

When you already feel comfortable playing the song slowly at first, you can try to play it a little bit faster. By gradually increasing the speed at which you play the song, you will soon play the song at the original rhythm.


It is usually not possible to learn guitar in a month. But it is definitely worth giving yourself more time to learn this instrument. Once you have mastered the guitar, you’ll discover how much fun playing it can be.